weight loss mythsOf course you feel disappointed when the scale creeps up due to over indulgence or skipping a week of workouts.  While heartbreaking, at least you know the reason!  But when you are faithful to your healthy eating plan and make zero progress for your efforts – it may be time to check your weight-loss strategies as diet myths could be to blame.

Myth #1: Calories don’t matter if food is healthy.

Truth: Nutrient-rich foods like bone building low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains provide more vitamins and minerals per calorie than processed foods. It’s true, you can eat more food for fewer calories but portion sizes matter. Whole grain pasta, bread, and brown rice have just as many calories as regular but with added fiber. Avocados, nuts and olive oil deliver heart-healthy fats but also significant calories. So, watch portion sizes even if the food is “healthy.”

Myth #2: Exercise means I can eat what I want.

Truth: Anyone can out eat the best workout plan. The average person burns 100 calories a mile. Finish a 5K and you have earned an apple and cheese stick. When weight loss is a goal, aim to burn or remove 500 calories per day to drop a pound a week. Click here to find 50 ways to cut 100 calories you’re your daily diet. Remember, diet and exercise compliment each other.

Curry Chicken SaladMyth #3: Salads are always the best option.

Truth: Most of us could us need more vegetables, so what’s the problem? The dressing! Restaurant salads can have as much saturated fat as a double cheeseburger. It’s true, you will get a bounty of nutrients from crisp fresh vegetables, but you need to be aware of the salad dressing. Lighten up your salads with a yummy yogurt dressing like in our mango-curry chicken salad.

Rebecca A. Turner, MS, RD, LD