Happy New YearTo me, midnight on New Year’s Eve meant starting with a clean slate.  Like millions of Americans, I begin each January with good intentions and declare this year – I will keep my list of resolutions. Alas, I lose steam around April.  But in 2012, I truly intend to keep my healthy resolutions and turn them into new habits.  I have challenged myself to these 5 resolutions.

  1. Create A Great Plate – Do you know how? The healthy plate formula = ½ fruits and vegetables + ¼ whole grains + ¼ lean protein. I intend to make my lean protein, fish, at least three times per week according to recommendations.  I will add one serving of dairy either fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt or cheese for one great plate either at lunch or dinner, daily.
  2. Kick the Can - It has been years since I have had a regular soda with sugar. But I do (or did) enjoy a diet soda mid-afternoon. No more. Inspiration came from reading my co-worker’s blog.  I will eliminate all diet sodas for one year.
  3. Exercise Daily – It’s time to step up my exercise if I plan to outsmart stubborn midlife fat cells.  For me, three 10 to 15 minute quick exercise sessions, will work best with my work life. I will start with cardio and strength training in addition to walking my two Jack Russells.
  4. Practice Gratitude - Expressing gratitude to others will make their day brighter, as well as improve my own. In 2012, I will take time to verbalize and express my thanks. I read that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. I hope to transform myself and others with gratitude.
  5. Savor Each Moment -This past year, my husband and I had the gift of two new grandchildren, bringing our total to six!  Life is meant to be enjoyed and savored as it’s lived. I pledge to add activities into my schedule that I enjoy and savor each moment. I want to memorize and experience each precious moment spent with family and friends. Life is short.

My pledge to you is to blog for one year about my journey keeping my 2012 resolutions and the life lessons learned from my experience. Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?

Mary Martin Nordness, MA, RD, LD, CHES