Big Problems Need Simple Solutions

Have you ever faced a big whopping problem? Have you ever felt overwhelmed at the daunting task of trying to fix the problem? We are all facing such a challenge considering the national childhood obesity epidemic in which one out of three children is obese. In my state (Louisiana) […]

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Happy Healthy Halloween

Halloween is not often thought of as a healthy holiday. Every fall, little ghosts and goblins attend parties and go trick-or-treating, collecting many not-so-healthy snacks along the way. For many parents, this is the most frightening thing about Halloween.

Fear not. Halloween can actually be fun and nutritious. The key […]

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Age Defying Foods

It is no secret that today’s culture is preoccupied with retaining its youth. Before buying into another beauty ointment or treatment, get back to the basics of healthy eating and physical activity.

Healthy aging starts in your grocery basket. Filling your shopping cart with nutrient-rich foods—fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat […]

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Bring Nutrition to Your Halloween Party

Fall is upon us and along with it comes Halloween and delicious, sweet treats. However, as a registered dietitian, I know that candy fills kids up on calories and not much else. For your next Halloween get-together, try some of my favorite party treats, which are healthy, easy to […]

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When is Picky Eating Too Picky?

Bailey is an active 20-month-old toddler who ate well until two months ago when she became a “picky eater.” As a parent, you have provided balance and variety in her diet since you introduced her to solid foods, but now she’s refusing certain foods.

What if Bailey refuses anything new […]

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