Kickoff Your Tailgate With A Dip Into Dairy

Football season is here. That means one thing: It’s time to TAILGATE! This season we plan to step up our tailgates with the addition of homemade dips and dressings. Dairy-based dips and dressings are a terrific way to add essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and vitamin D to […]

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Common Sense College Eating

The fall semester is upon us, which for many college students means back-to-campus food. Dining halls offer numerous selections with unlimited portions. Don’t fall victim to the all-you-can-eat opportunity. Follow these tips to help you make nutritious choices this school year.

Fill up Wisely: When filling your plate, follow the […]

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Churn it Up!

Sun, sticky fingers, fruit fresh off the vine and homemade ice cream are the perfect ingredients for summertime fun. Tucked away in our garage, the ice cream freezer waits for the dog days of summer to begin. Nothing is sweeter and more refreshing than homemade ice cream laced with […]

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Fuel Up to Learn

I recently had the honor of attending the GENYOUth Nutrition and Physical Activity Learning Connection Summit at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, in Dallas, TX. While there, I learned several important strategies to helping kids eat healthy and be more active:

1) Healthy students are better learners.
2) We can’t do it […]

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Stress-Free Meal Time Solutions: Making Milk Exciting

I had a friend ask me the other day about how to get her toddler to drink more milk. Every time she offered him a glass, he was uninterested, but she knew how important it is for his health and development. Smart mom!

As a registered dietitian and a mom, […]

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