Great News for Milk from Initial Dietary Guidelines Report

In February, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released a scientific report with their initial recommendations. After public comment and additional discussion, those recommendations will form the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Why does this matter?

Nutrients of Concern

The report lists the main nutrients of concern (i.e. nutrients not being consumed in […]

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By |March 27th, 2015||1 Comment

Recovery Nutrition for Intense Exercise

It is late afternoon and the football team just finished a hardcore strengthening session in the weight room. The players leave exhausted and are eager to rest before coming back to train hard the next day. They drink a little water, nibble on snacks and hurry home.

In reality, few […]

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Healthy Snacks for Spring Break

After the cold winter we just had in the south, the thought of spring—especially Spring Break—is a welcome distraction. Jumping in the car and hitting the road for what is likely a warmer locale certainly has its appeal.

Going on a long car ride with the family can be a […]

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Got Choices? Get Facts!

Did you hear the news? Starbucks recently added coconut “milk” to their menu for customers who are seeking a non-dairy option and an alternative to soy beverage. Soy was originally offered as a substitute for those with dairy allergies or leanings toward vegan lifestyles. But now soy needs an […]

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By |March 16th, 2015||1 Comment

How to “Bite Into” Glass of Milk

March is an exciting time for registered dietitians, not only because it is National Nutrition Month, but also that Wednesday, March 11, 2015 is National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day. The month-long celebration and the daylong observance of health through food and physical activity inspire many to find new ways […]

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