yogurt dots in bowlI’ve seen this cool trend a lot in the blog world and on Pinterest  and just had to try them. Yogurt dots are super easy and a cool new way to serve yogurt by creating your own mini yogurt dots. They freeze easily and kids love them.  They are such a different and fun way to serve a summertime dessert or snack.

How do you make them? Grab your favorite yogurt (any flavor or brand), spoon it in a zip-type bag and seal, snip off one end and squirt out in small “dots” on a cookie sheet. Place in your freezer for about one hour and then serve in a bowl or cup. If you have yogurt tubes those work too by simply cutting off the end and squeezing tiny dots onto cookie sheet and freezing! Some people even place small pieces of fruit or berries on top of their dots. The best news for moms is that a frozen yogurt drop still offers the same great nutrition:  low in fat, high in calcium and protein.

I recently tried some myself and am hooked. I also froze some fresh blueberries and served with the vanilla yogurt drops. My kids loved them and I bet yours will too!

Tracy Noerper, MS, RD, LDN, SNS