Did you know that the average “tailgater” is between 25-44 years old and is most likely to be me male, according to Tailgating.com. He also has a college degree, spends an average of $500 on food and supplies during a football season, and arrives at the stadium 3-4 hours before the game to set up.

Fans love game day dining. Unfortunately, many foods served during a traditional tailgate will not help you fit in your lucky game day jeans. Trim down your tailgating line up by limiting high calorie and high fat foods, and then add in more nutritious food choices. For example, rather than serving fried chicken tenders (which have more calories from fat) try these baked Cheesy Chicken Crunchers.

Also, remember to choose dishes easily prepared at home and then assemble them at the game, such as this delicious Touchdown Taco Salad. Keep fresh veggies and low-fat yogurt dip on hand for game day snacking to boost calcium, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

This MVP Parfait is a sweet ending to a winning game-day line up. The pudding parfait is easy to transport, and since it’s made with low-fat milk, you know you’ll be getting a unique package of nine key vitamins and minerals that help build stronger bones and teeth.

In addition to healthy foods, remember to pack extra ice, trash bags, sun block, a camera, rain gear and bug spray. Good luck to your team and see you on the grid-iron!

Tracy Noerper, MS, RD, LDN, SNS