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Salad Recipes

Add garden-fresh goodness to your table with easy salad recipes made with vegetables, meats, and a variety of cheeses and yogurts.

Greek Overnight Greek and Grain Salad.jpg

Overnight Greek and Grain Salad

While bulgur is often cooked on the stovetop, this version lets...

Layered Broccoli Salad.jpg

Layered Broccoli Salad

This fresh, crunchy salad will add flavor to your next gatherin...

kale and white bean salad.jpg

Kale & White Bean “Panem” Panzanella

This hearty main-dish salad features kale, tomato, white beans,...

Spring Herb Chicken Salad.jpg

Spring Herb Chicken Salad

Add flavor to classic chicken salad with fresh herbs, lemon jui...

Grape Salad.jpg

Alford Grape Salad

Create a refreshing chilled fruit salad filled with grapes, pec...


Salad on a Stick

For a fun way to serve salad, thread vegetables and cheese cube...


Spicy Shrimp and Cheddar Spinach Salad

This easy one-dish meal features spicy shrimp served over wilte...


Chinese Chicken Salad

For this easy main-dish salad, combine mandarin oranges, lettuc...


Red, White & Bleu Spinach Salad

This refreshing summer salad is perfect for picnics and light l...