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The importance of breakfast for students is undeniable. Breakfast is an essential meal in the day. For many families, however, breakfast gets squeezed out by the morning hustle and bustle. Children who don’t eat breakfast miss 25 percent of their daily nutrition. Breakfast for kids can help combat childhood obesity and encourages healthy eating. Learn more about the importance of breakfast for kids and get tips for making this first meal matter to kids below.

The Importance of Breakfast for Students – Programs

Fortunately, flexible breakfast innovations are being embraced by students and teachers alike:

Fuel Up on the Go – Bagged breakfasts for quick distribution
Breakfast: Best at the Desk – In-class meal to start the day
Breakfast: Better Late than Never – Meal served after first period


Regardless of the distribution style, the Fuel Up First! program:

  • Ensures the highest levels of breakfast participation
  • Reduces tardiness, nurse visits and absenteeism
  • Can be flexibly scheduled during reading time, attendance, etc.
  • Can present a learning event for teachers
  • Is enjoyable and healthy for students while reinforcing the importance of breakfast for students

Learn About the Importance of Breakfast for Students

Contact your SUDIA program account manager to make your transition to Fuel Up First! a smooth one. We’ll work directly with you to help implement the right Breakfast for Kids program for your district. Grants are available to support the program, and we’d like to see your district take full advantage of these valuable funding resources.