Coolers for Coaches: Alabama

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Update (Feb. 5, 2015) – Due to numerous requests and limited availability, the milk cooler giveaway has been temporarily suspended in Alabama. Please fill out our online order form to receive Coolers for Coaches updates and for a chance to receive a cooler when supplies are available.  

The Alabama Dairy Farm Families and the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association Inc. are offering middle and high school athletic departments the opportunity to receive a FREE Milk Cooler for 8- and 16-ounce plastic bottles of milk to provide milk to your athletes after practice.Thank you for your interest in receiving the FREE milk cooler for your middle or high school. The Coolers for Coaches program is a wonderful opportunity to power up your athletic department by bringing a great nutritious beverage to your school!

The cooler will help you provide your young athletes a leg up on the competition by offering a variety of milk flavors, each containing nine essential vitamins and minerals to improve bone growth and body composition.

When deciding on where you’ll place your new milk cooler, think of a location within your athletic department such as the weight training area where all or most of your school athletes (male and female) will have access to the cooler. Our goal is for all athletes to have access to nutritious low-fat chocolate milk after a workout and game.

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