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Learn how to maximize the Fuel Up to Play 60 program in your school to ensure your students fuel up with nutrient-rich foods and play at least 60 minutes a day.

Make your school an even healthier place with this fun, interactive program. Learn how to put your ideas and plans into acton.

fuel up to play 60, fuel up to play 60 games, fuel up 60
fuel up to play 60, fuel up to play 60 games, fuel up 60

Calling all Program Advisors!

Are you and your Ambassador working toward a healthier school and community? This January, your dynamic duo will have the chance to win amazing prizes by showing Fuel Up to Play 60 how you work together toward achieving your school’s wellness goals.

The Fuel Up to Play 60 Team Up Contest opens January 2, so start planning now! Here’s how it will work: Program Advisors will be able to log in to their Dashboards and click the Team Up Contest Tab to submit an entry on behalf of their dynamic duo team. It’s simple – submit a photo and a catchy caption to go along with it! The photo (no larger than 5 megabytes) should show off the healthy, fun and exciting changes you are working on as a dynamic duo! The caption should be a short slogan or a tagline of 140 characters or less that helps depict the exciting content of your photo!

Be sure to check out these photo guidelines before you snap your photo! Remember, don’t just pose and “say cheese” – get creative! We want to see your team in action.

Enter your dynamic duo into the Team Up Contest by February 28 for a chance to win! Twenty-five grand prize winning duos will receive customized NFL merchandise, and one first place winner per state (plus D.C.) will receive a Fuel Up to Play 60 Prize Pack for their school!*

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Many will enter, few will win. See official rules for the “Team Up Contest.” The NFL Entities (as defined in the official rules), have not offered or sponsored this sweepstakes in any way.

What is Fuel Up to Play 60?

Fuel Up to Play 60 is an in-school nutrition and physical activity program launched by National Dairy Council (NDC) and NFL, in collaboration with the USDA, to combat childhood obesity.

Fuel Up to Play 60 helps students make positive changes in their schools by improving opportunities to consume nutrient-rich foods and get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The ultimate goal is to ensure changes made at school are sustainable and complements – not competes with – an academics-focused environment.

Families, communities and local governments all have a role in helping today’s children learn about the importance of proper nutrition and physical activity so we can reverse the childhood obesity trend. It’s time for us all to pull together and help America’s children make good choices and practice good habits to ensure a healthy future.

How It Works

Fuel Up to Play 60 empowers students to create and implement activities that reward them for making healthy choices, and inspire change in their school. Students participate in fun Challenges, track their own healthy eating and physical activity, work collaboratively with adults to implement and complete Plays from the Playbook and earn fun online rewards!

Students also have the opportunity to be a part of the Student Ambassador program where they serve as leaders, alongside fellow students, to give Fuel Up to Play 60 a voice in their schools and communities. Being a part of the Student Ambassador program gives the students a platform to implement positive changes in their school’s nutrition and physical activity programs. Through it all, students are helping each other build habits to move toward a healthier future for themselves and their school.

Dedicated adults in the school act as Program Advisors and receive educational tools and resources from Fuel Up to Play 60 to help them implement the program in their local schools.

While Fuel Up to Play 60 focuses on empowering students to make healthy changes, these students depend on the support of the community around them – YOU – to help ensure their success.

Why Fuel Up to Play 60 is Important

In addition to its wellness component, Fuel Up to Play 60 also has academic benefits. A growing body of evidence indicates that obesity, physical inactivity and poor nutrition are associated with lower levels of school achievement. Through positive changes in the healthy eating and physical activity environment in schools, Fuel Up to Play 60 provides the opportunity to help students become more focused, engaged and higher-achieving. Click here to read our pledge to end childhood obesity in one generation - made along with supporting health and nutrition organizations, including Action for Healthy Kids, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Dietetic Association, National Hispanic Medical Association, National Medical Association and School Nutrition Association.

How To Enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60

Download the kickoff postcard or get in the game and enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60 NOW by visiting www.fueluptoplay60.com