Smooth and SmartFresh fruit and milk make smoothies a smart dietary choice, no matter the meal. SUDIA is offering participating schools the opportunity to win a variety of prizes through the Smooth and Smart program.

milk smoothiesWith shops selling milk smoothies popping up at every major intersection, the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association (SUDIA) is taking the lead on expanding the reach of the healthy beverage.

Smooth and Smart, a dairy promotion established by SUDIA in association with the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, offers participating schools the materials to begin implementing the program. The program increases the overall dairy consumption at schools while treating students to healthy and enjoyable beverages.

There is good reason to jump on the milk smoothies bandwagon. Fruit and milk smoothies offer many of the same nutritional values as fat-free milk. The levels of calcium, Vitamin D and protein contained in a 12 ounce smoothie (made with 8 ounces of either fat-free or one percent milk) is identical to the amount provided by a glass of fat-free milk. Taking those numbers into consideration, a single smoothie provides significant daily levels of calcium (30 percent), Vitamin D (25 percent) and protein (16 percent).  

As an in-school nutrition and physical activity program aimed at encouraging youth to consume nutrient-rich foods and achieve at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily, Fuel Up to Play 60 offers grants to assist schools in the equipment purchases. The ultimate goal of FUTP60 is to ensure that the nutritional and physical changes made at school are sustainable. Whenever a FUTP60 school purchases one of the designated industrial capacity Vitamix blenders, Atlanta Fixture (who markets the blenders) will make a contribution to GenYOUth, a nonprofit that also collaborates with schools.

By providing the blender grants, FUTP 60 makes expanding the nutritional opportunities of schools Smooth and Smart. Are you a school nutrition director?

Want more information about bringing Smooth and Smart to your school? Check out the FUTP60 information packet and order forms. Check out these exciting Smooth and Smart promotional materials: program map, t-shirt, banner, counter card, poster and cafeteria tray liner.

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