World School Milk Day a success across Southeast


On Wednesday, students across the Southeast joined 40 countries in celebrating the 14th anniversary of World School Milk Day (WSMD).

WSMD provides schools with an opportunity to recognize local dairy farmers while educating children
about dairy products. To increase participation in this global event, Southeast dairy farmers have joined
forces with local schools to host learning celebrations. Although the events vary from school to school,
milk remains the main attraction.

“We’re excited that dairy farmers are getting involved with their local schools,” said Amanda Trice,
Director of Industry Relations and Communications for the Southeast Dairy Association. “World School
Milk Day provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about dairy foods and agriculture.”

The first WSMD was celebrated on Sept. 27, 2000 and has continued annually with a growing number of
countries joining the celebration. The Food and Agriculture Organization’s goal is to provide a particular
day when the attention is focused on school milk nutrition. Consuming three servings of dairy every day
gives students healthy levels of protein and eight other vitamins and minerals.

“We want these children to know that the milk they are drinking comes from healthy cows,” said Dan
Myers, a lifelong Virginia dairy farmer. “This is a very rewarding opportunity.”